What We Do

Radiolocation has been selling underground utility survey technologies for over 3 decades.

Underground Utility Locator

approximate location of buried utilities so that you don’t dig into an underground utility line.

Cable Fault Locating

Power cable fault locating and testing reduce the stress on insulation systems.

Power Quality Management

High power quality that is always available, always within voltage and frequency tolerances.

About  Radiolocation

Radiolocation Ltd. was established in 1991. In the past twenty years, we are one of the fast-growing service providers in the market. We strive for the best to provide hi-tech and durable products and after-sales services to our customers. Our mission is to provide high quality services to those who participate in the infrastructural development so as to promote new technologies in the construction industry. For promoting and demonstrating our new image, it’s our pleasure to inform you that Radiolocation Ltd. has changed its logo and moved to a new office. The new image represents high technology, environmental-friendly and resources management, which also indicates that we will further develop advanced and user-friendly technologies and products for our customers in addition to our existing professional underground detection techniques. . 

Calibration Center & Service

In order to provide one-stop services to our customers, we now have an equipment calibration centre at our office. We are grateful for your continuous support to Radiolocation. We will always ready to offer you services of the best qualities. 

Our general telephone (2803 5881) and fax number (2803 5863) remain unchanged

Key Products

vloc3 pro

vLoc3 Pro Utility Locator

The vLoc3-Pro utility locator locates buried utilities assuring damage prevention while gathering information for analysis. With two sets of screened 3D antennas signal distortion is detected and displayed.

Smart thump

Smart Thump ST25-30 Portable Fault Location Systems For LV Networks

The Smart Thump ST25-30 provides safe, efficient and extremely easy-to-use solutions for quickly identifying, prelocating and pinpointing various types of cable faults for power cables.

LVRSys™ Low Voltage Regulation System

LVRSys is a low voltage regulation system that provides a cost-effective alternative to re-conductoring or installing additional line capacity to deal with voltage issues.